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Pokemon, too many, too fast?

(The question that everyone has heard or thought!)

As far as the most popular gaming franchises goes, next to game series such as Super Mario Bros, Call of Duty, and many more is Pokemon, the yellow fever that caught all of us at one point. That amazing game in which instead of being a hero of a medieval era, you are a kid with the power of capturing creatures instead of only using them as Exp pigs, it was new, it was fresh! 120 monsters for us to capture, train and trade in order to become the only one, the best that ever was!

(Pretty cute, but stillm too many of them?)

Pokemon quickly gained fame, grabbing us by the heart; easily becoming of the biggest videogaming phenomes! However, that also meant one thing, Gamefreak and Nintendo would milk the miltank out of it; many new generations came and yeah, they were amazing and still are; though this doesn’t mean that they were perfect, obviously many changes came and many fans disliked this. And one complain out of them all, was that there were too many pokemon, even for its own good; not in terms of too many pokemon games but rather, in terms of too many creatures to catch.

(Seriously, there are some really freaky pokemon out there)

Now there are over 700+ pokemon out there, and like 40% are pokemon that almost nobody likes, and while yes; it appeals to more people in that way, it also creates unbalanced competitiveness, not in the way that there are too OP pokemon. Rather in the way that there are way too many useless pokemon, like; Stunfisk, Unown, Burmy, Pyukumuku and many more, from useless designs, useless movepools and boring pokemon in general! You still can enjoy some of these pokemon, as my favorite pokemon is Grimer, but there is no denying that they are kind of waste space just for the sake of filling that pokedex up!

(They kind of did the whole sun and Moon thing before, and yes, I wanted an anime on that too)

Let us compare these amounts of pokemon to another monster franchise, more specifically; Digimon, yes, yes; I know, they are just not the same and I should know that as a great fan of both games (Yeah, games, not anime). Pokemon currently has 802 (With the exclusion of alolan forms and Mega forms) creatures, while Digimon has around 1132 monsters, this is excluding other forms and the appli monsters and non-monster digital forms; wow, that is an astonishing number for a franchise like this!

(They may not be pokemons, but they add more to the "roster"...)

Now knowing the total amount of digimons, we can conclude that while yes, there is an excessively amount of pokemon; maybe they were not too fast, in terms of release, compared to digimon, after all; the generation’s mechanic allows old pokemon to return while adding new pokemon. But maybe the new games should toned it a little down when it comes to new pokemon, since many of them will be forgotten like the new pokemon, Pyukumuku and the two primates!

To wrap it up, like as many pokemon as you want to, even if they are unown ones or overrated ones, since it is most likely that more are about to come! Moreover, don’t listen to people who says that there are too many pokemon, just wait until they see how many digimons are out there…

Pokemon word count:

22 Pokemon, even in this article there were too many pokemon…

(I should have known better, never say anything bad against Pyukumuku)

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