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Pokemon, too many, too fast?

(The question that everyone has heard or thought!)
As far as the most popular gaming franchises goes, next to game series such as Super Mario Bros, Call of Duty, and many more is Pokemon, the yellow fever that caught all of us at one point. That amazing game in which instead of being a hero of a medieval era, you are a kid with the power of capturing creatures instead of only using them as Exp pigs, it was new, it was fresh! 120 monsters for us to capture, train and trade in order to become the only one, the best that ever was!

(Pretty cute, but stillm too many of them?)
Pokemon quickly gained fame, grabbing us by the heart; easily becoming of the biggest videogaming phenomes! However, that also meant one thing, Gamefreak and Nintendo would milk the miltank out of it; many new generations came and yeah, they were amazing and still are; though this doesn’t mean that they were perfect, obviously many changes came and many fans disliked this. And one complain out of them all, was that there…

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Tin Striker is our newest upcoming project

It is a platforming and action videogame, inspired by the art of videogame in the 80s, controlling Nieto and Tina in an all-new adventure through different regions of a collapsed world full of war thanks to the failure of an intercontinental agreement, with the objective of becoming the heroes that nobody ever thought of, a frenzy fight against astonishing and powerful enemies; that will try with all of the equipment that they have to stop you at once. This soldiers, young daredevils; will fight to protect what little they have after the worldwide catastrophe.

Learn more about the world of Nieto and Tina by playing TIN STRIKER and search what really happened.

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