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Pokemon, too many, too fast?

(The question that everyone has heard or thought!)
As far as the most popular gaming franchises goes, next to game series such as Super Mario Bros, Call of Duty, and many more is Pokemon, the yellow fever that caught all of us at one point. That amazing game in which instead of being a hero of a medieval era, you are a kid with the power of capturing creatures instead of only using them as Exp pigs, it was new, it was fresh! 120 monsters for us to capture, train and trade in order to become the only one, the best that ever was!

(Pretty cute, but stillm too many of them?)
Pokemon quickly gained fame, grabbing us by the heart; easily becoming of the biggest videogaming phenomes! However, that also meant one thing, Gamefreak and Nintendo would milk the miltank out of it; many new generations came and yeah, they were amazing and still are; though this doesn’t mean that they were perfect, obviously many changes came and many fans disliked this. And one complain out of them all, was that there…

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The not so shiny side of BOTW

Last week we discussed on how The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild may be better than you think, but what if; and only what if, not everything that shines is of value? Today we will discuss why The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is nothing special compared to the other games and how it is just another installment of the franchise, all divided in 5 reasons as to why that is the way it is!



(It is all his fault that this point exists)

Ok, many will say that the story is great, that the characters are well done and that the memories are a great way to tell the fable; yet these ideas are easily spoiled by, not only how the memories don’t develop the champions and other characters more; but also because of one specific character named “Hyrule King”, this character not only spoils the whole plot of the game; making the whole idea of getting the memories kind of worthless if it isn’t for getting the real ending of the game. This is when you say: “But the memories are for the interactions of other characters with Link and how Link used to live his life before the tragedy stroke”, well yeah; that would be a great argument if it wasn’t for how little information we get of these characters aside from Zelda, even Link himself is lackluster; which is one point that will be treated later on!



(Remember, Shiny /=/ Value)

Open worlds are greatly praised by the masses, and they are worth of that praise; but that doesn’t mean that every single game should turn into an open world for the sake of it; this game surely takes advantage of being an open world, especially for how much the fans have been asking for a The Legend of Zelda with this idea on mind; yet the game feels… soulless sometimes, yeah; at the start everything seems so big and so full of adventure, which it is; but when you are at the half of the games sometimes you find yourself wandering with nothing to do aside from killing monsters which can become a real pain of the back if you don’t want to waste your weapons, the franchise still has much to do in order to master this idea and seeing how long did it take to create this one, this will be an irritating wait for all of us fans of Zelda, but you know what they say; quality over quantity!



(Please, do something!)

He just remembered his almost fish wife, his reaction? None, he remembered how much Zelda has suffered through the calamity, his reaction? None… Yeah, Link has always been emotionless aside from Toon Link; because he is supposed to be a shell for the player to create his own adventure, but this time around its clear that the developers wanted to craft a unique story for Link, as in; Link being Link, this is supported by the fact that they don’t let you choose the name of Link, and everything tries to make it so that Link is his own unique person, but they failed to even make Link feel emotions… And yeah, it’s explained in-game that he learned how to nullify his emotions in order to be more efficient in battle, but after a long sleep of 100 years he still keeps this trait? It feels quite unbelievable, and by the way; why even make him that way? For tradition? Isn’t this game supposed to break all Zelda traditions?



(Nice designs and all, but why do they all feel the same?)

They don’t tell a story anymore, they are just the ancient machines in which the champions are trapped in; they all feel the same, same monsters, same color scheme, boring bosses, among others. Just take a look at other Zelda games, you had the guts of a giant fish, temples in another world, among others, and while you can argue that almost all of them were temples, at least they had themes, something to make them feel completely new, water temple, fire temple, shadow temple, and the list goes on and on, right now in Breath of the Wild, the dungeons are all: A mechanic animal with one gimmick…



(I know he is supposed to be a joke, but stil...)

Not even the bosses… All of them are boring, with maybe Thunderblight Ganon as an exception; all of them are easy, uninspired, slow, and in general, not fun at all; they feel more like: “Let’s get this boss beaten already” rather “HOLY- This Boss is difficult! What can I do to beat him?”, in other Zeldas we had giant monsters with detachable arms, giant skeletons in sand, and many others, not to mention how easy they are, oh wait; I already did!


So, with this article what I wanted to share, is that hype can blind you for not everything that shines is of value…

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