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Pokemon, too many, too fast?

(The question that everyone has heard or thought!)
As far as the most popular gaming franchises goes, next to game series such as Super Mario Bros, Call of Duty, and many more is Pokemon, the yellow fever that caught all of us at one point. That amazing game in which instead of being a hero of a medieval era, you are a kid with the power of capturing creatures instead of only using them as Exp pigs, it was new, it was fresh! 120 monsters for us to capture, train and trade in order to become the only one, the best that ever was!

(Pretty cute, but stillm too many of them?)
Pokemon quickly gained fame, grabbing us by the heart; easily becoming of the biggest videogaming phenomes! However, that also meant one thing, Gamefreak and Nintendo would milk the miltank out of it; many new generations came and yeah, they were amazing and still are; though this doesn’t mean that they were perfect, obviously many changes came and many fans disliked this. And one complain out of them all, was that there…

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Is Sonic Mania really that good?

(Let us dive into it!)

Not so many days ago, Sega released a new game from their one-trick hedgehog; the mascot that once tried to take Mario out of the videogame industry; many will say that if it wasn’t for Sega´s horrible decision making, he maybe, just maybe, could have done it thanks to how amazing his old games were, from Sonic 1 to Sonic and Knuckles; there was a time where Sonic vs Mario was a real argument, these games were full of charm and could give us hours of hours of fun. But what happened to him? After Sonic 3, the 3D era came; and with this, sonic adventure 1, 2 and Heroes, while still fun for many; this is when Sonic started losing his charm. It just wasn’t the same, and it will never be…

(Looks like even the dead can walk)

Or will it? Sega has tried its best to bring back that happiness to us, Sonic Generations and Forces show this by adding classic Sonic to the mix; thus letting the developers the will to design 2D levels again, but it still wasn’t the same whatsoever… Until Sega decided that two guys, two fans that have ported Sonic games to cellphones before; would create their own OFFICIAL Sonic game as a tribute to the Sonic franchise and all fans of such games! Titled Sonic Mania! The Mania for Sonic is back in its purest form!

(Come on, grab his hand! You know you want to!)

But is it any good? Long answer? Well, the game perfectly catches how good sonic was in the gold era when Sega still made consoles; it keeps the nostalgic feel through old sprites while still giving it a fresh feel by re-creating these sprites in order to feel clean. The game combines both old and new levels, you will recognize many of the stages if you have played the older installments that featured these stages… Or will you? After all, this game is not happy enough just by adding old levels, instead it takes a step forward and adds new paths to end the level, new fun gimmicks, and fresh sprites! And what about the new stages? Pure creativeness, they feel completely new for the Sonic formula while still keeping a nostalgic reminder, like if this was the real Sonic 4 that we all have been waiting for ages!

(Just look at this! Like, JUST LOOK AT THIS!)

But not only that, the bosses are amazing, they are kind of difficult; but it sacrifices a little bit of difficulty for pure fun, after all; the sonic bosses were never fair at all, so this appeals to both new and old fans without needing them to rage quit when they can’t beat one of the bosses. But not all shines, the game may have some problems such as mechanics that were annoying from the original games, like when you jump in a tiny ramp and you are pushed back because of the lack of momentum you may have at that moment, or how some minions are placed in the middle of the stage without warning and since you gotta go fast, you can’t dodge or stop in time; which results in you losing your rings unfairly…

(Take notes Sega, who knew the fans could outmatch them?))

But these are only minor nitpicks, us from Black Ice Cream productions blog; recommend you to get this game as fast as you can, this is a new, weirdly old; experience for all modern and classic gamers, every single penny that this costs is totally worth the sacrifice. This is why fans are awesome, when work is done with love; miracles will happen, and who knows? Maybe even save a franchise from its total bad reputation!

(This animated intro looks grea- Wait, is that animator the one that made THAT old Nipples the Echidna comic and animation?)

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