Pokemon, too many, too fast?

(The question that everyone has heard or thought!)
As far as the most popular gaming franchises goes, next to game series such as Super Mario Bros, Call of Duty, and many more is Pokemon, the yellow fever that caught all of us at one point. That amazing game in which instead of being a hero of a medieval era, you are a kid with the power of capturing creatures instead of only using them as Exp pigs, it was new, it was fresh! 120 monsters for us to capture, train and trade in order to become the only one, the best that ever was!

(Pretty cute, but stillm too many of them?)
Pokemon quickly gained fame, grabbing us by the heart; easily becoming of the biggest videogaming phenomes! However, that also meant one thing, Gamefreak and Nintendo would milk the miltank out of it; many new generations came and yeah, they were amazing and still are; though this doesn’t mean that they were perfect, obviously many changes came and many fans disliked this. And one complain out of them all, was that there…

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(The man, the fist, wait... WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE IS NOT TERRY?)

Terry Crews, the most wanted voice actor for Overwatch thanks to its charm and amazing voice; everyone wanted him to be Doomfist, to voice the head of Talon; yet Jeff had another completely different idea. Indeed, Terry Crews may be everything you want him to be, except Doomfist, and this created many complain around every site on the internet, but is it really that bad to not have Terry as Doomfist?


Many wanted Crews to be him, just for memes; voice lines like: “POWER” or so, but after the reveal, a comic issue appeared, revealing information on Doomfist, we can clearly read that he is nothing but a shouting brute killing everyone because reasons, instead he is a gentleman, he is serious, he is analytic, he believes that the weak should die or evolve to become worthy of being labeled as a human being, and many characteristics more.
While Terry could have done this voice perfectly, people do not like him because of that, but rather of how easily he can make a character become a genuine funny character to listen to; an image that Doomfist does not want to give to all players since it would differ with his personality.

(Just look at him, he is gorgeous)

If he had voice Doomfist, the whole character would have been ruined, but just because our favorite Old Spice hero did not become the martial artist with the gauntlet that would make Thanos tremble in fear does not mean that he cannot bring another Overwatch hero to life, after all; the voice actor himself has shown interest in becoming part of the Overwatch line of voice actors, so who knows? Maybe he will become a comic relief character for the game but with importance nonetheless.

(Honestly, how many of you actually thought of this possiblity?)

So, while playing One Doomfist Man, please do not hate the character just because Terry did not voice him, instead enjoy how much the developers of one of the best class-based shooter games out there put into creating the character, after all admit it; his punch dash looks fun as possible as it can be! His model looks great, his design; while not the best out of the DLC characters, is still amazing as it can be, his voice, his story, and the surprise “anime” like trailer that the character brought with, Doomfist has brought some interesting card to the table, and we should appreciate all of that hard work from the developers, no complaining about Terry Crews or that we should already be asking for new characters to the all-mighty god Jeff Kaplan.

(The Talon family is reunited at last! Let the massacre begin!)

With Doomfist out, it seems that the Overwatch villians are finally taking shape in universe, since Sombra kinda works for herself and Junkrat and Roadhog are aside of Talon, being independent criminals; we would love to listen to what do you think Overwatch has in store for future villians! Would it be a villain-rival like of a specific character? Or will it be an even bigger thread than Doomfist? Maybe even a joke villain, that is like a low-range grunt, but that makes something that causes a great impact in the story without thinking? Who knows, Overwatch and Jeff are always surprising us with new characters, Sombra with her ARG, Doomfist with his hype, Orisa with her out of nowhere debut and Ana stablishing the idea of incoming free characters to add to the already gigantic and diverse cast of Overwatch! 

(Ah, a classic Doomfist jok- Wait, is that Ms. Fortune down there? Why?)

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